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14.12.21 | 🎄🎄🎄   BLOG POST: 12 Days of New Features & SettingsHere's a festive roundup of 12 productivity-boosting new features and settings for you to explore over the holidays! We're tweeting a feature a day, so why not support us @waveboxio! Merry Christmas from everyone at Wavebox HQ! 🎄🎄🎄

02.12.21 | 🥳   BLOG POST: Elevate your Web Workflows With Super-Smooth Split-Screen. We're delighted to announce that our eagerly-awaited split-screen feature is now LIVE! Woo-hoo! Another time-saving Wavebox feature to boost your productivity and speed-up daily workflows! 👏🥳🚀

01.12.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.96.23: New! Split-screen, plus updates and bug fixes.

28.10.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.95.29: New update to Chromium, plus performance improvements.

30.09.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.94.17: New! Create a Desktop App for any Website, or URL Link.

27.09.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: 5 Tips for Keeping Tabs on your Tabs. Here are 5 great features to help you use and manage your tabs better.

17.09.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: How to Stay Signed-in to Multiple Gmail and Microsoft 365 Accounts.Quick guide to adding multiple accounts e.g. Gmail.

14.09.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: Switch Between Slack, ClickUp, Asana & Trello using Keyboard Shortcuts.Quick guide to using keyboard shortcuts in Wavebox.

16.09.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: Toot for Gmail, Squeak for Slack. Identify Important Notifications with Sounds.Learn how to change sounds in WB.

07.09.21 | 🍉  NEWS: Summer Recap: 15 New Features You May Have Missed.A quick round-up of what's new in Wavebox.

07.09.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.93.9: Chromium Update, new features and fixes.

25.08.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.92.95: Default email picker and external link opener, Chromium Update & fixes.

02.08.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.92.12: Focus Mode, Smart Notes, new Workspaces with Widget Library, and Chromium update.

20.07.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.594. Chromium update, new features and bug fixes.

01.06.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.542. HUGE performance improvements, plus Chromium update and Arch User Repository.

20.05.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.518. Compact Connect drawer with DM, Chromium update, new pin and tab features.

19.05.21 | 🤯   TUTORIAL: 5 essential tips for staying focused when browsing the web for work. We all use the web for work, but how do you avoid getting distracted? Wavebox can help.

14.05.21 | 🔍   TUTORIAL: Search across all your Google Gmail and Drive accounts in 3 simple steps. Unified search is a Wavebox core feature that we are continually improving, and in the latest iteration we've added a Gmail and Google Drive search to the Quick Switch.

05.05.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.503. Chromium update, new features, improvements and fixes.

14.04.21 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.487 with Profiles. New Profiles, unified Gmail search, edit tab titles, sleep improvements and more!

01.04.21 | 🧐  BETA: Beta Release Version 10.0.475 with Profiles. Get in touch with Support to help test Profiles!

19.03.21 | 🧐  TUTORIAL: Save & Re-use a Browser Tab Session. Learn how to save all your tabs in a window to use again later.

16.03.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: Customize your Wavebox Layout. Learn how to change your WB setup using tabs, groups, themes and colors.

16.03.21 | 🥳  RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.462. Chromium updates and fixes.

10.03.21 | 🙌   NEWS: Chromium Ramps Up Releases. As Chromium ramps up its release schedule, what does it mean for Wavebox? Did you know we've achieved parity with Chromium releases every 4 weeks!

03.03.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: How to Setup Multiple Accounts of the Same Type. How to stay signed-in to multiple Trello accounts in 2 simple steps.

01.03.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: Lock any Extension to One Cookie Profile. Learn how to make your Chrome extension work in one profile, rather than across everything in Wavebox.

24.02.21 | 🥳  RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.442. Audio alerts & mute, main window bookmarks, and performance updates.