🥳 What's New!

01.04.21 | 🧐  BETA: Beta Release Version 10.0.475 with Profiles. Get in touch with Support to help test Profiles!

19.03.21 | 🧐  TUTORIAL: Save & Re-use a Browser Tab Session. Learn how to save all your tabs in a window to use again later.

16.03.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: Customize your Wavebox Layout. Learn how to change your WB setup using tabs, groups, themes and colors.

16.03.21 | 🥳  RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.462. Chromium updates and fixes.

10.03.21 | 🙌   NEWS: Chromium Ramps Up Releases. As Chromium ramps up its release schedule, what does it mean for Wavebox? Did you know we've achieved parity with Chromium releases every 4 weeks!

03.03.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: How to Setup Multiple Accounts of the Same Type. How to stay signed-in to multiple Trello accounts in 2 simple steps.

01.03.21 | 🤓  TUTORIAL: Lock any Extension to One Cookie Profile. Learn how to make your Chrome extension work in one profile, rather than across everything in Wavebox.

24.02.21 | 🥳  RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.0.442. Audio alerts & mute, main window bookmarks, and performance updates.